We Sell… Or Else!

The phrase “We Sell Or Else” was the promise of David Ogilvey, the man who is widely considered the father of the advertising business. Being great admirers of Ogilvey, my team and I have adopted “We Sell or Else” as our daily mantra. Without sales, a real estate broker is reduced to the role of a tour guide, which in itself is an honorable profession, but in our line or work it doesn’t put food on the table or pay our mortgage. We must create opportunities and close transactions…. or move on…

The commercial real estate business is populated by many smart, talented, and motivated entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurial people recognize that commercial property brokerage is a business that rewards knowledge and effort, and at the same time they realize that the business is intense, stressful, and competitive. The best of the bunch wake up every morning, shake our fist at the world and say “Bring it on”!  Among our core principles is the belief that we are problem-solvers… and we “must” be good at it…or else!

The best commercial brokers possess a comprehensive knowledge of the business and of best practices, knowledge of our market, a solid work ethic, integrity and ethics, plus creativity and the ability to think outside of the box. We think constantly about success… but not just “our” success. The best brokers are more focused on the success of their clients, realizing that if we help our clients achieve their goals, our personal success will follow.