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Tenant Representation

Negotiating a commercial lease can be a complicated task for small business owners.

Negotiations for retail or office space with landlords usually starts with preparation of a Letter of Intent (we cover the letter of intent in another section of this site). Eventually, you will receive a printed commercial lease prepared by the landlord or the landlord's broker or lawyer. And it's a good bet that neither one of them will be looking out for your best interests. However, as you will hear me repeat many times "In Commercial Real Estate…Everything is Negotiable"

The Power of Leverage

But your negotiating power depends on how "hot" your local real estate market is. If demand in your area's rental market is strong or you desire a unique space, you'll have considerably less leverage. That being said, the bad news for Tenants in the local property market is that the Triangle is "red hot" and good properties are becoming scarce and increasingly expensive.

Work With an Experienced Broker

Our team knows the inner workings of the local retail/office space rental market and has had experience in dealing with many of the landlords and their representative brokers. As your Exclusive Tenant Representative we can save you time, money, and headache.